European Air Travel Tips

European air travel offers many options for international travelers visiting Europe, as well as for Europeans traveling to another country within Europe. There are great bargains and cheap rates available that are under $1,000 for a round trip flight from New York to Paris, Chicago to Vienna, or Boston to Brussels. Flights within Europe are on sale as low as $99, such as Brussels to Florence or Brussels to Berlin. It is a very good time for travelers to see other countries without spending a lot of money on travel expenses. Some flights also have reduced hotel rates in packages that they offer, and some airlines are offering free car rentals.

London, Paris, and Rome are always top destinations in Europe, but there are many other popular destinations as well. Those who have toured these three cities may want to see Dublin, Madrid, and the two other Italian cities that they will not want to miss — Florence and Venice. Travelers who have the time and money to combine two or more cities can get great deals on flights and see some of the best sights in Europe.  Flights from the U.S. to London can be on British Airways, Continental, United, American Airlines, Delta, and other carriers. From London, it is possible to get a cheap flight on Aer Lingus from London’s Heathrow Airport to Dublin.

Those who want to see Spain may want to take a six night trip to both Madrid and Barcelona, or to Barcelona and Rome. It is possible to take an American Airlines flight from Los Angeles or most other cities with international airports to Madrid for less than $1,500. The domestic flight from Madrid to Barcelona on Vueling Airlines costs less than $300.

A three-city flight to Rome, Florence, and Venice is another trip that is offered by some travel agencies. A ticket for a flight from Chicago’s O’Hare International Airport into Rome can be purchased at a very reasonable price. Then, departing from Rome to Florence on Alitalia Airlines or Meridiana Airlines is a rather expensive domestic flight for $500 or so. Moving on from Florence to Venice, you can take a flight on Alitalia to arrive in Venice, and then return from Venice to Chicago.

Another popular combination trip is to Paris and Rome. A traveler leaving Phoenix, or virtually any other city in the U.S. with an international airport, could fly into Paris via Air France. The flight from Paris to Rome is very cheap and would only cost $200 or $300. The low airfares in Europe from country to country are generally no more than this amount. Another popular destination is Brussels, Belgium. Those in the U.S. could take a flight out of New York City on Continental, United, American Airlines, or KLM Royal Dutch to Brussels for about $850.

Flying from Adelaide, Australia to London would be quite expensive. Carriers such as Virgin Atlantic or Qantas Airways charge about $2,200 or more for a flight like this one. A flight from Cape Town, Africa to London is much more reasonably priced at under $1500. Airlines flying to London are South African or BMI. Another cheaper flight is from Tokyo to Paris for about the same amount of approximately $1,500. Flights on Aeroflot, Emirates, or Cathay Pacific have very reasonable rates. Moscow to Paris is even cheaper on Belavia Airlines at about $550, but KLM Royal Dutch Airlines charges over $800 for the same flight.

Flying within Europe can be very economical as well. A flight from London to Berlin on easyJet costs from $300 to $400. British Airways, SWISS, and Norwegian cost a little bit more for this flight. Tourists from Dublin who want to visit Brussels can expect to pay about the same amount for this trip.